My Practice

      I offer confidential, responsive, and caring psychological services to adults and adolescents. I also perform psychodiagnostic evaluations and individual and corporate consultations. I am available by appointment in both day and evening hours.

      Areas in which I offer services include the following:

• General life-adjustment issues
• Depression and anxiety
• Marital and other relationship problems
• Family problems
• Parent-child problems
• Issues of blended families
• Loss and grieving; death and dying
• Chronic illnesses and their impact on the individual,
      marriage and family
• Issues of transition such as adolescence, midlife,
      employment changes, aging, and retirement
• Men's issues
• Psychological issues associated with physical handicap or other injuries
• Addictive disorders such as alcohol, drug, food, sex, etc.
• Unusual sexual interests and practices
• Alternative lifestyles and committed bonding
• Post-traumatic stress disorder, both acute and chronic
• Shame
• Dissociative disorders
• Professionals in distress

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